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I would love to provide an insightful response to all messages received, the reality is that it just isn't possible given time constraints and personal goals.  



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Photo courtesy of Jared Cheshier

"How much of the work on your site was actually created by you?"*

Just about all of it!  Herein you will not find official trailers, screenshots, marketing materials, or artwork of any kind which wasn't of my own volition; all imagery, motion pictures, tutorials and ridiculous photos featured on this domain are exclusive to and should be handled with extreme care.

* I'm not exactly sure when this question first began showing up in my inbox, but since launching version 5.0 of this site it has become a regular-enough occurrence to issue some sort of statement.

It wasn't until 2011 when I caught my first big break in the game industry as one of the co-founders of Camouflaj.  During the 4 years that followed I helped lead the artistic development of the République series and shipped 4 major releases in the process. The first 3 installments of the République series and the remastered PC version: 

Following the Oculus DK1 release (and my first mind-blown experience with an HMD) I caught the VR bug and made the jump to VR/AR applications. Early in 2015 I teamed up with the Seattle-based VR startup Presence Labs to develop a music-driven VR visualizer application for the Samsung GearVR titled Groovr (which is available now!)

Following Groovr, I was fortunate enough to land a great opportunity which allowed me to design, prototype, and iterate the visual design of an Augmented Reality OS (now included in the latest demo reel below, around the 2-minute mark).

On the 25th day of October 2016, Jeremy transcended his earthly identification and became a citizen of Pluto.

Demo Reel

Note: Reflection volume gap at 1:56

Discipline & EXpertise

  • Unity 3D Engine

  • Particle Systems

  • OS Prototyping (AR)

  • Real-time Rendering

  • Pipeline Development

  • Technical Presentations

  • Web Design/SEO

  • HTML/CSS Generalist

  • Vector Illustration

  • Content Management

  • Advertising/Marketplace

  • Technical Art/Direction

  • 3Ds Max Generalist

  • Experimental FX

  • In-Engine Prototyping

  • High-Res Sculpting

  • Texturing/Illustration

  • UX Prototyping

  • Tutorial/Guide Authoring

  • Interface Prototyping

  • Story Boarding

  • Copy Writing

  • Android/iOS Games

  • Lighting/Lightmapping

  • Phys-Based Materials

  • Scene & Asset Optimization

  • Device Profiling

  • Post FX & Color Grading

  • World/Experience Building

  • Mobile Device Optimization

  • Video Editing/VFX

  • Podcast Hosting

  • Contractor/Vendor Management