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I produced this (relatively) polished UX mockup for the design team at Camouflaj during pre-production of Republiqué. The feature itself behaves similarly to the "detective mode" found in the Batman Arkham series (i.e. it behaves as an x-ray vision filter to highlight hidden functions and features of the game world.)  In the case of Republiqué, this feature was used for hacking the surveillance system in a variety of fashions.  As for construction: I modeled the gray-box environment in 3DsMax, then rendered each element to a separate layer, imported to After Effects where I implemented all effects and animations for the final composite seen here.


Fan Link is pretty neat.  Simply put, Fan Link is a sporting event companion app intended to both personalize and enrich the experience of fans visiting Heinz Field as well as streamline point-of-sale operations.  I began this rather huge undertaking by generating half a dozen UI concepts in Photoshop, each with a proposed UX flow.  After some deliberation we landed on the above design, with a few tweaks.  I then translated the interface from Photoshop bitmap to vector and built the entire front-end in Adobe Flash, along with some ActionScript behaviors as well. 

Fan Link was implemented exclusively on the kiosks scattered throughout the Heinz Field stadium, so if you want a live demonstration you’ll have to go see a game!


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